What to expect on your first Visit?


First visit to Wasatch Allergy and Asthma? Are you wondering what to expect from our Salt Lake City food and drug allergy testing? When you first arrive we will have you check in at the front desk. The receptionist will hand you an iPad to complete your demographics and a questionnaire. The check-in process, including the iPad questionnaire can take about 15 minutes, so be sure to come in at least 20 minutes prior to your appointment time. The questionnaire is also available online! Once you schedule your Salt Lake City food and drug allergy test, you will receive an email with instructions on how to complete the questionnaire online. To save you, time we highly recommend that you complete your questionnaire online.

Once you have completed the paperwork, you will be taken back to an exam room by one of our friendly medical assistants. Once in the room, the medical assistant will get a thorough family medication and medical history from you. We will also check your vital signs (blood pressure and pulse). Finally we will check a spirometry. A spirometry is a test where you put a spirette (mouthpiece) into your mouth and when you are ready, the medical assistant will have you blow out as fast and as hard as you can. We will have you repeat this test several times until we get a good and accurate reading. This test helps us determine how well you are breathing.

After we have gathered all the information we need, you will then have the chance to meet with one of our providers. The provider will find out more about your concerns, symptoms, and will probably ask some more clarifying questions as well as doing a physical examination.

If there are any concerns about your breathing, we may have you do a breathing treatment that lasts for about 10 minutes. You will place a mouthpiece into your mouth where you will slowly breathe in and out a medication that is turned into a mist. After completing the breathing treatment, you will wait 15 minutes and then we will recheck the spirometry test which was performed earlier.

If you are being seen for either environmental, food, or drug allergy testing, there is a good chance we will do skin testing. Skin testing is usually performed on your back. You will be asked to change into a gown with the opening in the back. The medical assistant will clean your back and make some marks with a marker before starting the skin testing. Skin testing is done with small plastic applicator that has been dipped in a specific allergen. We are able to test for environmental allergies as well as certain food and drug allergies. There is only minor discomfort with this test and feels like a small pinch on your skin. Once the skin test has been placed, it will sit on your back for about 15 minutes while you lay on your stomach on the table. You may notice some itching over some of the spots. After 15 minutes, the medical assistant will measure the reactions and will then wipe off your back and apply hydrocortisone to those itchy areas.

After completing all of the Salt Lake City food and drug allergy testing, the provider will return to discuss the results of all the tests and will come up with a plan of treatment to help make you more comfortable and feeling better soon.

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